priceSupermarket price wars are not that bad for all, particularly for the deal hungry shoppers. Grocery prices in UK fall over for the second month in succession in December and have been quoted by the market watch agency the BRC-Nielsen Shop Price Index as an incredible run of good fortune for the shoppers.

During November the overall price deflation was at a rate of 2.1% decline, where as the December figures shows a deflation of 2%. For the last two years and eight months, it has been a dream run for the shoppers as they were able to buy anything paying just about half what they usually had to pay.

British Retail Consortium chief executive Helen Dickinson said that during the Holiday time, this price deflation has come out as great news for the shoppers who intend to buy gifts and presents for friends and family.

Annual Food deflation stayed unchanged at 0.3% in November whereas non food deflation slowed down from 3.3% to 3% during the same period. This was casued due to a price cut in many different categories such as electrical, gardening, clothing, hardware and footwear.

Industry experts ask customers to save more by implementing some simple ways like cutting down wastes and buying smartly. Each year shoppers in UK waste an estimate of 7 million tons of food and beverages. This accounts for £700 per household.  Almost in every case the third item in our shopping cart would be going to the bin, experts cautions. In addition, Shoppers, when opting for frozen over fresh can save almost £400 annually.

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