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Ugandan government brings in regulation to monitor supermarkets’ operation


The Ugandan government is considering to bring in a regulation demanding all supermarkets in the country to submit financial and audit reports every year to the trade ministry. A high level official in Ugandan Ministry of Trade, Industry and Cooperatives indicated that this new regulation is intended to monitor the operations of different supermarkets in the nation. Principal Commercial Officer Fred Ahimbisibwe, while talking to news reporters said that the initial draft for the new legislation has been prepared and it would help safeguard the rights of shoppers and suppliers alike.

“Supermarket clients need to be protected against substandard products which are becoming rampart in most super markets. The same to the suppliers of goods and services. Some supermarkets are winding up their business in the country without paying their employees and supplies of goods and services. With the new regulation the Ministry will be in position to monitor the supermarkets to ensure compliance with the laws of Uganda,” he said.

The credibility of the businesses operating in the Ugandan soil would be monitored through the yearly reports, he included. Recently the Kenyan supermarket chain Uchumi wound up its Ugandan operations leaving many workers jobless. The supermarket was also accused of not paying suppliers for the services and goods. This, many analysts believes, is the sudden provocation behind the Ugandan government’s new regulation. During a news conference last week,Amelia Kyambadde, Ugandan trade minister said that the government has set up a committee which consists of Kenyan and Ugandan officials to address the non payment and other Uchumi related issues. Headed by a principal Secretary, the committee will have five members from each country.



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