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TWO IN THREE MUMS FEAR THE ECONOMY WILL GET WORSE IN 2013 News comes as Asda publishes its latest Mumdex report

  • THE MUMDEX – Mums’ pessimism about their family finances and quality of life has driven down the Mumdex optimism score from -8% to -18% over the last year.
  • SHOW ME THE MONEY – Only one in 10 said the news about the UK coming out of recession made them feel more positive about the UK economy. Two thirds predict it will get worse still in 2013.
  • A SHOT OF OPTIMISM – Mums feel that the Olympics and Jubilee have injected the national mood with a shot of optimism.  Six out of 10 mums said the events made them proud to be British and nearly six in 10 anticipate these events will have positive impact on the UK over the next five years.
  • CHRISTMAS WITHOUT THE TRIMMINGS – A tough year means that 45% of mums will be spending less on Christmas this year.  46% will spend less on Christmas decorations, 39% will spend less on their spouse and one in 10 won’t send Christmas cards
  • FAMILIES REMAIN RESILIENT – Despite the tough economic conditions eight out of 10 mums feel their family’s happiness is on a par or better than their family’s happiness when they were growing up


Today (Tuesday 27th November 2012) Asda launches its fourth Mumdex report which focuses on family life, predictions for 2013 and mums’ plans for the festive season.  The Asda Mumdex – a panel of over 5,500 Asda Mums of varying ages and backgrounds – has shown the Mumdex optimism score falling from -8% to -18%, driven down by mums’ concerns about what is happening to their family finances and their family’s quality of life.

The outlook for 2013 doesn’t look much better with only one in 10 saying the news that the UK is out of recession1 has made them feel more positive about the economy. Two thirds of our mums predict the UK economy will get worse next year. One Asda Mum said:


‘It [the news the UK is emerging from the recession] does not make me feel any better, as for some reason the price of things still keep rising! There is no decrease yet. So only when I see things rapidly declining in price, will I believe it and benefit from it.’ (Mum, Asda Mumdex)

This is not a uniform story across the UK however.  Mums from Scotland, Wales and the Midlands feel most negative about the prospects for the UK economy, with seven out of 10 mums
in these regions anticipating the UK economy will get worse in 2013. Those in the south and north of England take a slightly more optimistic outlook, with six out of 10 predicting it will get worse.


Despite a difficult financial year, mums feel that the Olympics and Jubilee have injected the national mood with a shot of optimism.  Six out of ten mums said the events of 2012 made them feel proud to be British and half felt it made them feel a shared sense of national identity.  Only a fifth of mums agree that these events have made them feel positive about 2012, but nearly six in 10 anticipate these events will have positive impact on the UK over the next five years.


Given the gloomy outlook, it is no surprise that mums will be budgeting carefully around Christmas, with 45% saying they will be spending less this year. Despite these financial concerns, mums are determined to make this Christmas the most magical ever, re-balancing their budgets to protect the things that will make the day extra special. Two thirds of mums will be spending the same or more food and presents for their children this year compared with last year.


Despite financial pressures eight out of 10 mums feel their family’s happiness is on a par or better than
their family’s happiness when they were growing up.  The research also highlights that those families who spent most time together were three times more likely to report higher family happiness than those who spent least time together.  Family life is not entirely rosy however as half of mums say working hours are a barrier to their family spending time together. Over a quarter say the TV, the internet and computer games are distractions.

Judith McKenna, chief operating officer at Asda said:


“Consumer confidence is key to getting the economy moving again.  With over 90% of mums expecting the economy to be the same or worse next year we have a long way to go.

As we approach Christmas, our Mumdex research shows that mums won’t let their financial concerns impact their families.  In fact in a year of British celebrations the role of the family has become more important than ever”

Claire Walker, Director of Policy at Family Lives and working mum said:

“We have heard that the outlook for the UK economy is starting to look brighter, but we know that families are still finding it tough on the ground, and they will continue to do so next year.  Christmas can be the toughest time of all for some families and as Asda’s Mumdex shows, budgets are going to be tight for families this year.  At a time when emotions run high and stresses and strains increase, the fall-out from the pressures of the festive period can often culminate in families forgetting what Christmas is all about.  And that’s family.  It’s about spending time together, clad in festive jumpers, sitting round the table for a meal and then watching some Christmas TV.”


“If Mums are feeling stressed, then Christmas will be memorable for all the wrong reasons!  Try not to leave everything until the last minute and don’t be afraid to ask supportive family members for help.  Make allowances for spontaneity, and try not to have unrealistic expectations. Above all, remember that Christmas is a time for people to come together and have fun!”


Notes to Editors

  • For further information contact:

Jo Newbould, PR Manager. 0113 826 3536 or

  • Case studies available on request


November 2012 Mumdex score


The overall Mumdex score is made up of four net optimism scores, based on: 1) a net -57 per cent pessimism score for the outlook for the UK economy; 2) a net -11 per cent pessimism score for household finances;  3) a net 2 per cent optimism score for quality of life and 4) a net -4 per cent pessimism score for how they feel about the community.


1. About Mumdex

The Mumdex panel is a subsection of Asda’s Pulse of the Nation panel, made up entirely of just over 5,500 female Asda shoppers, all with kids, across a broad spectrum of socioeconomic groups, regions and ages – we even have some grandmas! Our panel continues to grow as more and more shoppers join the Mumdex. Asda will continue to track the Mumdex research, releasing a quarterly update alongside its well-established Asda Income Tracker.

The report also contains statistics from Pulse of the Nation surveys with male and female shoppers and findings from face-to-face customer listening groups with mums.

About Asda Stores Ltd.

Founded in the 1960s, Asda today is one of Britain’s leading retailers. It has over 180,000 dedicated Asda colleagues serving customers from 545 stores, including 27 Asda Living stores, 23 depots and eight recycling centres across the UK (Great Britain and Northern Ireland). It has its main home office in Leeds, Yorkshire and its George clothing division based in Lutterworth Leicestershire. Asda serves over 18 million shoppers a week in store and its growing home shopping business serves over 98 per cent of home.

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