Tug Of War In Tesco Branch Hackney Road, London

In United Kingdom a tug of war starts over a backpack outside the Tesco Branch. In the heat of an argument a Tesco worker was seen kicking a departing shopper. The customer walks away and returns with stick to chase two staff members. The fiasco at Tesco was recorded and the witnesses have claimed that the complete fight was over a stolen Pot Noodle. The video indicates the start of the tug of war over a backpack outside the supermarket branch on the Hackney Road in London.


The store staff pulled back the customer but within seconds they went back onto the street and one customer threw something that looked like a Pot Noodle in the store, said Harry Anderson, the individual who filmed the complete fiasco.


The staff followed the customer down the road and the cold war continued for a while. Later one of the Tesco employee appeared to kick out the customer. Soon the customer retaliated and threw his backpack over the worker. The other employee ran in swinging his arms at the customer.


The bag flew in air by the employee who kicked out. The fiasco calmed down when soon customer’s began to leave the area. They ran for safety and soon the customer smashed the stick against the exterior part of the shop.


Witnesses claim that the incident began with an accusation of shoplifting but no evidence of crime is found. However, many people say that the employees of Tesco should not have disrespected its customers and shouldn’t have reacted in that way however Tesco states that they are aware of the incident and are still investigation what has exactly happened and who’s at fault.