Town’s only bakery closes due to power costs


The one and only supermarket in the northern Ontario town of Echo Bay has shut down two-thirds of the shop, mainly due to rising power costs. The saddest part is that we served the community for 37 years lamented Mr Loggy Dinnelle, who runs Dinelle’s Country Market.

In fact, it is a full service store of 5,000sq ft . But just recently they had eliminated deli, the bakery and thereby greatly reduced the available fresh produce and now the shoppers had to drive 30km east of Sault Ste.Marie. They just couldn’t afford the equipment running and the workers also reduced from 7 to 3. Dinelle said that power cost him $2000 a month around 15 years ago; along the way he upgraded the equipment to conserve energy. But still the bill grew to $5000 a month by 2016.