Tot on the Pot® Redefines Potty Training in Launch of Innovative New Children’s Product

No more guesswork. No more 150-page potty training books. No more pelting M&Ms at your toddler to get them on the potty. Tot on the Pot does it all…and it does it the right way.

Tot on the Pot is launching its all-inclusive, play-based potty training system on October 10, 2017 via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.  Initially available to early backers for as little as $35.00 (MSRP $49.99), Tot on the Pot is a patent-pending potty training system that simplifies the process for parents and makes it super fun for kids.

Research has shown that the anxiety parents have towards potty training can delay and complicate the training process, and even negatively impact children’s development. Research has also shown that play-based learning is one of the most effective teaching tools in early childhood. Tot on the Pot responds to a major stress point for parents by providing a complete solution that informs, incentivizes and rewards children using the tremendous power of play.

Tot on the Pot includes:

Parent’s Guide – Concise, step-by-step guide combining the most effective potty training methods with the best tips and tricks.

Children’s Book – Fun, whimsical narrative that informs your toddler and gets them excited to use the potty.

Tot Doll – The Tot is your child’s very own partner in poop during potty training and beyond. It is anatomically correct, comes in both genders as well as light/dark skin tones.

Pot – The Pot is the Tot’s own potty, ensuring that the Tot accompanies your child on every potty visit.

Activity Reward Cards – Every successful potty visit is rewarded with a surprise activity children perform with their parent.

“Tot on the Pot represents a giant leap forward in one of the most important and challenging developmental milestones of early childhood: Potty Training,” said Elliot Totah, Co-Founder of Tot on the Pot, LLC.

Each celebratory activity unlocked by toddlers provides valuable cognitive benefits for their developing minds. “Tot on the Pot not only successfully potty trains your little one, but it also enhances your toddler’s overall development,” adds Co-Founder Jackie Leverton. Jackie first invented the concept behind Tot on the Pot almost 25 years ago when she was potty training her son. Now she aims to share its benefits with other parents.

Tot on the Pot has received the support of numerous pediatricians, early childhood specialists and family therapists. “I have seen many different potty training products over the years, but only Tot on the Pot has created an effective solution that addresses every phase of the potty training process,” says Dr. Ely Benaim, M.D., Pediatrician and former Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Tennessee.

Parents who have tried Tot on the Pot prototypes have responded with rave reviews. “This program is best described as an analogy to Blue Apron. You get a box, it has EXACTLY what you need (no more, no less), and at the end you feel like a professional!” exclaimed Carly A.