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Toronto’s Oldest Cake Shop Reveals the Best Time to Cut the Wedding Cake


Your wedding reception deserves to be commemorated with a specially designed cake. The time to cut the wedding cake is as important as its taste and quality. It’s the moment most awaited by the two families and all the guests. There’s a belief that the cutting of the cake signals the guests that they are free to leave whenever they are ready. Therefore, the cake-cutting is kept until the end of dinner. Though a cake maker’s task ends with the delivery of the cake, Alex Jasu, the owner of Irresistible Cakes (popularly known as ‘iCakes’), has a lot to say about this age-old ritual.

“The moment the newlyweds enter the venue, all eyes are set on them. This can be a good time to slice the cake because your guests are expected to be most attentive”, suggests the iCakes owner. “Your photographer will also be ready to capture the moment”, he adds.

“If you plan to place the cake at the centre of the dance floor, you must cut it before the dance”, says Jasu. He explains the reasoning. “Once the dance begins, it will be difficult to make room for the cake. Guests will also need time to catch their breath. This means that it isn’t the right time to cut the cake.”

If you want an alternative to this tradition, then approach the dance floor for your first dance. Have the cake moved when you are close to finishing the dance. Then, step up to the cake and ask your guests to join in.

The iCakes owner wants his customers to be sure when to squeeze in the cake cutting in the wedding day timeline. He extends warm wishes to the couples who are about to tie the knot this winter.

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