Top gadgets of 2015 from Amazon

Amazon-Online-Retail-Warehouse-BoxesAmazon is one of the giants in the Internet. So much so that is even bigger than Walmart. New findings report that almost 2014 vendors around the world sold at least two billion of products, an all time high record.
Founded by Jeff Bezos, this online store offers the best basic technology and products. The offer is vast, however the most sought after objects are the gadgets. These are the best products that are available in the Amazon:
Kindle: Amazon offers eBook Reader in its different versions released to the market. Besides being a tablet that allows the reading hundreds of books, has the advantage of testing the online service Kindle Unlimited, which allows users to download thousands of titles at affordable prices. With this device, Amazon went from being an online store dedicated to hardware manufacturing.
iPhone 6: The iPhone 6 and its Plus version is the most important gadgets that Amazon offers. In the past, the company Apple and Amazon had some conflicts in the United States. But iPhone’s newest model is becoming one of the best sold out gadgets of the year.
Google Chromecast: This small device when connected to the HDMI port of smart TVs allows viewing of content that is transferred through devices with Android, iOS or through the Chrome page system on personal computers. Despite its size, it is able to display content from Netflix, Youtube, Google, HBO, Vevo, among other chains audiovisual entertainment. While a device to control the contents, Wi-Fi and has HDMI port.
SmartWatch: With its beautifully design and multi tasking abilities, Smartwatches are turning out to be one of the must have gadgets for many. These watches support Android and iOS systems, and many ships with a camera and slot for a SIM card. There are many different choices for these watches from the expensive Apple, sony watches to inexpensive Xaomi and other Chinese alternatives.
Drones: One of the top sellers of 2015, Drones is becoming a big obsession for many. Drones can be used for recording mass events, concert, taking aerial photographs or simply for fun purpose. One can control the drones using a remote controller. Amazon stores offers high and low equipments with many salient features, from simple to HD camera, with the most sophisticated controls to the ones that are compatible with mobile devices.