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THERMO KING -Facts about the T-500R


About the T-500 Thermo King has extended its class-leading T-Series platform of self-powered truck temperature control systems by adding the T-500R single-temperature nose-mount refrigeration unit. A mini-sized unit that delivers maximum performance, the T-500R meets industry needs for a lighter-weight unit with greater fuel efficiency, increased capacity, a lower lifecycle cost and greater sustainability in truck boxes that are less than 5.5 metres in length.
The T-500R unit, which incorporates the class-leading performance and reliability of the existing T-Series range of solutions, is replacing the Thermo King MD-100 unit, which is being phased out at the end of September 2012. The platform now includes eight units, offering both single temperature and multi temperature options to meet operators’ diverse needs.
With the addition of the T-500R, Thermo King offers a complete range of T-series solutions for diesel truck applications.

Benefit-The unit consumes up to 12 percent less fuel, while significantly lowering carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and provides a 27 percent increase in operating efficiency at fresh Agreement for Perishable Transport (ATP) conditions. Since fuel costs represent approximately half of the solution’s total lifecycle costs, reduced fuel costs can add up quickly.
Extensive field trials and thousands of running hours have proven that the T-500R design is able to perform in even the harshest of conditions. Like the rest of the T-Series range, the T-500R employs extra-large evaporator and condenser coils, married to the proven X214 2 cylinder reciprocating compressor, to keep on operating right up to extreme desert conditions of 55 degrees C.
The standard T-500R has been designed to achieve up to a 55 percent reduction in noise levels over previous models without any loss of cooling performance. A low noise Whisper™ kit option is also available which allows further dramatic reductions.
FeatureS-The T-500R unit features unmatched capacities in its segment, delivering up to 5,100 W at 0 degrees C and 2,800 W at -20 degrees C at ATP conditions.
The T-500R also includes cutting-edge all aluminium microchannel coils as standard, replacing heavy copper and aluminium tube-and-fin condenser coils used in the past. Use of microchannel coils, which have been supplied in the automotive industry for years, decreases overall unit weight, increases capacity, improves overall unit efficiency, and reduces refrigerant charge.
The microchannel coils contribute greatly to the industry leading performance of the T-Series range, which is designed to reduce customer costs and increase overall efficiency and sustainability while respecting environmental stewardship.
The T-500R offers improved corrosion resistance for long life in even the most extreme conditions. The units feature an all-aluminium condenser that prevents the onset of galvanic corrosion as well as an automotive-grade immersion electro-coated frame that provides new levels of resistance to corrosion. Where needed, painted galvanised steel components have also been used to further increase the life of the unit.

 Features, continued All T-500R units utilize the new Thermo King Truck Smart Reefer (TSR) controller. Using intuitive ergonomics and a symbolic display, the easy-to-use controller and in-cab interface were designed to eliminate the need for languages and reduce user errors.
The T-Series range of self-powered temperature control units are for truck bodies up to 9.5 metres in length and have the cooling capacities to meet a variety of application needs within the short to medium haul distribution sector. Other units in the range include the T-600R, T-800R, T-1000R and T-1200R for single temperature applications, and the T-800R Spectrum, T-1000R Spectrum and T-1200R Spectrum for multi temperature applications.

Key Markets The T-500R is ideal for urban distribution and dairy transport customers operating smaller trucks.

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