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The yellow-vests movement had a big impact on Auchan and Carrefour


It is known that the recent crisis in France have had a very big impact on the ability of shopping, this impact can be noticed among retailers, and the weight of the impact may vary slightly from a retailer to another, But this is not the case with Carrefour and Auchan.

According to FreshPlaza reporting from the Kantar Worldpanel’s monthly study for November, a huge impact upon the mentioned retailers has been made by the recent movement of “the YELLOW VESTS” in France.

Gaëlle Le Floch, director of strategic studies at Kantar, explains that “the revenue growth for the so-called generalists which include supermarkets, hypermarkets, hard discounters, convenience stores and internet, has not exceeded 0.8% since January, compared to the yearly 1 to 2% of the past eight years. The French’s consumption of mass-market products rose by 0.7% in November, a growth two times lower than observed in the past twelve months. French consumers have also bought fewer products (-0.9%), a trend which started in January but accelerated in November.” the stated numbers by Gaëlle Le Floch can give a primary idea about the changes that are happening in the way of consumption of the French society.

Mrs Le Foch added: “Carrefour and Auchan, which have the largest hypermarket centres, were already not doing so great. During this period of protests, they lost some market shares as the roundabouts leading to the shopping centres -where their hypermarkets are located- were blocked by the ‘yellow vests’.”

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