The Uvesco Group, which manages the BM and Super Amara supermarket chains, has reached an agreement with Sabeco Banaketa -of the Alcampo group- to acquire 11 of its “Simply” brand establishments in Vizcaya, whose templates will become part of the Guipuzcoan merchant.

The acquired establishments are located in Bilbao, specifically in the neighbourhoods of Begoña, Rekalde, San Ignacio (two) and Santutxu; in Barakaldo, in the streets Gabriel Aresti and Juan Garay; in Santurtzi, those of Mamariga and Viñas, and in Portugalete, those of Peñota and Los Llanos.

The operation is pending for the final closure of the authorization of the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), currently underway, and the corresponding legal audit process.

Currently, the Guipuzcoan Uvesco group has a total of 221 supermarkets, under the brands BM Supermercados and Super Amara, implanted in Vizcaya, Gipúzcoa, Álava, Navarra, Cantabria, La Rioja, Madrid and Ávila, and four logistics platforms.

The company closed last year with a total turnover of 740 million euros, and has a staff of 4,569 people.

Specifically in Bizkaia it has 90 BM brand supermarkets and 4 BM Shop franchises, and employs 1,594 people.

Uvesco said in a statement that this operation “reinforces the expansion of its model based on quality on three pillars, the fresh product, customer service, and variety of assortment, expanding the commercial area to approach the customer, a process in the one that has been overturned since its origins.


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