The UK retail sector all set for online

Well the nation is pretty confused about the heat of the retail sector, however sales are up or down the march of online retail is consistent. The growing use of internet has lead to the revolution of retail sector. Perhaps, now 14 per cent of the retail expenditure is accounted to internet in United Kingdom.
United Kingdom is extremely proud of excellent retailers and the presence of most powerful international brands. The major sector of retail i.e online sector is lead by United Kingdom. Surveys have indicated that almost 62 per cent of Brits have opted for one day delivery or the next-day delivery option. However, the Aussies will have to catch up in online shopping, as they have an average rate of 32 per cent. The Survey also shows that approximately 60 per cent of the Brits have chosen click & collect against 36 per cent of global average.
Reports suggests that this would also benefit the high street, as many customers who would go to the stores to get their click & collect orders would also go on spending money in the shops. It has also lead to driving many new customers to the store.
However, European nationals comprise of almost six per cent of the workforce in warehouses and factories which becomes a major area of concern. As the Free movement is set to end in March 2019 and the new framework would lead in reduction of European nationals is United Kingdom.
Also, the growth of online retail has lead to an increased number of delivery vans on the roads of the United Kingdom. This would lead to major implications on the environment in future. However, directing deliveries to one pick up point would help in addressing the problem.