The Strike of Carrefour Milénis staff  “we will die standing”

While the Carrefour hypermarket has been closed for over a month now, the shopping mall seems to work. “For the moment,” warns the Inter-Union UGTG / CGTG at the origin of the movement.

At the end of “a month and three days” of mobilization, anger now coexists with real impatience among the demonstrators: “The Carrefour store is still closed. On the other hand, the gallery works. Finally for now, “warns Bruno Frager. And to promise, a story that everyone grasps the meaning of the warning: “We will opt for another level of mobilization. “

“We did not choose to be here. But these gentlemen who require us to mobilize. Because, like everyone, we would have preferred to celebrate with family, “

The managers of the store in a press conference that the staff are the only ones who are responsible for this closing and they have to face the music, Managers are refusing any sort of negotiation.