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The Schwarz Group is integrating AI in its stores

The Schwarz Group, which includes such retail chains as Lidl and Kaufland, is systematically investing in new technologies that are expected to streamline purchasing processes. To this end, the company strengthened cooperation and became a shareholder in the German Artificial Intelligence Research Center.

Cooperation with Deutsche Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz is to lead to the development of solutions, including in the field of artificial intelligence, which will affect the quality of services offered in stationery stores. In recent years, the owner of Lidl and Kaufland, together with German Artificial Intelligence Research Center, has already developed several solutions in the field of robotics and voice sales assistants.

Also in Poland, Lidl invests in the development of modern sales channels. In spring this year, the company launched an online store in our country. In the beginning, the e-store contained over 650 industrial products, including textiles, kitchen accessories, household appliances, electronic equipment and tools. The number of available products will increase systematically. Earlier, Lidl introduced several other innovative projects in the e-commerce category: wines and other alcohol reservation platform, trip booking website or the new Lidl Plus mobile application.

Lidl Polska belongs to the international Lidl group of companies, which consists of independent companies operating actively throughout Europe. The history of the Lidl network goes back to the 1930s, and the first networks under this brand were established in Germany in the 1970s. Currently, there are about 10.5 thousand in 30 countries. stores of this brand, and in Poland over 670.


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