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The Russian Torgservice to compete with the German Lidl and Aldi

The Russian group Torgservice has opened the first branch of its discounter Mere in Leipzig and wants to chase off the customers Aldi and Lidl. But the concept of the chainstill lacks some features.

In Leipzig, the first Mere market has opened its doors. Mere belongs to the Russian discount chain Torgservice, which wants to compete with the German market leaders Aldi and Lidl.

The concept: Mainly food is on offer, in addition housewares, textiles and drugstore products. The equipment of the Mere branch is simple and pragmatic: neon tubes on the ceiling, the goods partly stacked on pallets or in high metal shelves.

The junior professor Erik Maier from the Leipzig Business School told the local news that even if the Russian company had opened a hundred branches in Germany according to the media, it was “impossible to compete with discounters like Aldi or Lidl”. The margins in the German food trade are low and the market power of the “top dogs” is very large, he continued.

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