The new ‘Egg and chips’ plant will grow both aubergines and potatoes

eggSeed manufacturing company Thompson and Morgan has dispatched another hybrid plant that will produce both aubergines and potatoes. The plant is named as ‘Egg and chips’ because that the aubergine is also known as eggplant. The dispatch follows after the successful production of hybrid TomTato, which creates both tomatoes and potatoes on the same plants.

Thompson and Morgan said the egg and chips plant is a “real innovation” that will motivate kids to connect with cultivation. It can be grown outside in shielded places, and will be able to deliver up to four aubergines and yield up to 2kg of white potatoes.

Also, Thompson and Morgan said the grafting procedure makes it less demanding to develop aubergines in the UK as the plant is better supported by the more strong potato root system.  The organization said it won’t distribute insights about varieties utilized in the hybrid and said it rescheduled summer press days to keep final crop trials a secret.

New product development director Michael Perry said that for seasoned vegetable cultivators this is a truly novel improvement. For those without the advantage of an allotment or expansive vegetable patch it capitalizes on accessible space in the patio nursery. Even the smallest porch or overhang can suit a pot-developed Egg and Chips plant – pair it with a Tomtato plant and you’ll have three simple to develop crops from only two pots.