The Leader Price store in La Souterraine (Creuse) will definitively close

It was known on December 31, unofficially, that the store would start a liquidation on its items before the closure.
According to Lamontagne, says an employee La Souterraine. “We no longer place orders and there is no more merchandise coming back. We wait Wednesday to know when we close. Of course, it will be in the course of January. “

A meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, January 9, officially “to discuss the economic situation of the store.”

The Company explained that this decision is linked to “persistent economic difficulties”.

It is not yet known the exact day of closing. It should be officially announced Wednesday. The date of January 19th is circulating. In the meantime, the management assures that “there are many arrivals of products”, that “the restocking continues”. They explained that the shelves may have appeared empty because of a refrigerated broken furniture.

Retraining solutions will be offered to employees, “in the nearest stores,” says the management.