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The largest Edeka market in Thuringia opens in Eichsfeld

Only a few hundred meters away from the former location, opens the largest Edeka market in the whole of Thuringia. It covers 3100 square meters of shopping space and over 35,000 items, it says on the flyer of the market. There will be a large fruit and vegetable department, a cosmetics and wine department and an integrated beverage market.

The CEO especially highlights the fresh counter. Because in a separate “Schnippelk├╝che”, as the manager calls it, salad and desserts are prepared by themselves. There will also be a cheese and fish counter. From the ripening cabinet of the meat department, customers can expect the so-called “dry aged beef”, the dry boned beef.

The new Edeka market employs 80 people. “And we have many applications left,” says Florian Simon the General Manager. At present he is busy. The number of employees also depends on the startup and the performance of the 80 employees, about 20 are employed full-time, the others part-time. They would then have a 30- to 35-hour week, which is common in this industry.

Customers can put their vehicles on 220 parking spaces. There are also two free charging stations for electric vehicles. Florian Simon is curious if and to what extent this offer will be used by the customers.

The opening of the Edeka market at Leinefelder Herderstra├če 1 is on Thursday, April 25, from 7 o’clock. Customers are welcomed with sparkling wine and small surprises.


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