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The Kaufland expansion has begun with opening five new stores

The Kaufland is expanding. Work started there in mid-July, and the construction site is slowly taking shape. Thus, a project is implemented, with the Burghauser City Council was initially not happy. The councils feared a potential impairment of inner-city development and increased land use, but then agreed in October last year with six votes against the extension of Kaufland on the grounds of Schenavsky + Pemper GmbH.

According to Managing Director Gaby Pemper, five new stores with a total sales area of ​​almost 3000 m² are to be built in the extension building between Kaufland and McDonald’s. Also 80 new parking spaces are provided. In addition to the store in Marktler Straße, there will also be a branch of the drugstore chain dm on the Kaufland site. The Austrian fashion company “Fussl Modestraße” is also planning to move into the new building, says Gaby Pemper, Managing Director of Schenavsky + Pemper GmbH.

Customers have to adjust to smaller restrictions during the construction period, but “we try to keep them as small as possible,” says Managing Director Gaby Pemper. Of the approximately 400 parking spaces that currently exist at the Kaufland, but should not be eliminated during the construction period. “That nobody is affected is important to us,” says the managing director. When everything is ready, there will be a total of almost 480 parking spaces, because 80 will be rebuilt. As part of the construction work, a roof renovation will also be carried out on the existing Kaufland building. Completed the whole project then, according to Pemper expected to be in the early summer of next year.

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