A 100% cruelty-free supply chain for Fumagalli Salumi, one of the first companies in Italy to be presented the Good Pig Award for Animal Welfare from Compassion in World Farming in Berlin.


BERLIN, 7th July 2016 – A supply chain leading the way in the ethical treatment of animals: Fumagalli Salumi has been awarded the Good Pig Award by Compassion in World Farming, the international non-profit association that campaigns for the protection and wellbeing of farm animals. The award, which was presented on 28 June in Berlin in the prestigious Meistersaal, is given to companies which respect animal welfare criteria throughout the whole supply chain, from reproduction to fattening for the production of pork meat.
“It is an honour for us to present our Good Pig Award to Fumagalli – said Elisa Bianco, head of CIWF Food Business ( – one of the very first awards in Italy. The company’s commitment, including its investments into improving the welfare of its pigs, is unprecedented – continued Bianco – and is the only example of its kind, especially in Italy”.
This year’s award comes hard on the heels of the Compassion in World Farming Commendation which the company received at Expo Milan in 2015 for the welfare of its sows, and recognises Fumagalli’s decision to implement a five-year project to extend CIWF animal welfare standards to its growth and fattening processes. These standards require the company to respect criteria which improve the wellbeing of sows and meat pigs and include the availability of adequate spaces and the provision of bedding in straw or other materials.

Consumers can read about the supply chain system and the company’s values at


“Fumagalli Industria Alimentari was established nearly a century ago and animal welfare has been one of the company’s core values for more than 20 years – explained Pietro Pizzagalli, head of the Fumagalli supply chain. Over the years it has enabled us to offer increasingly ethical products and last May we launched our range of Benessere Animale (Animal Welfare) salumi at the Cibus trade show. This range meets the demands of consumers who are mindful of this issue, but also aims to engage those with a more diffident attitude towards the provenance of raw materials”.


We would like to  take the opportunity to thank Winterbotham Darby, Waitrose’s private label provider : we could get this prestigious award also thanks to the strong partnership with them”.




“Fumagalli’s breeding standards have made the company a leader in its field – declared Elisa Bianco – and we are delighted to see that their communication strategy will focus on the wellbeing of their animals, key not only to increasing consumer awareness and demand for more respectful products, but also to promoting Fumagalli’s commitment and ensuring that their example will lead the change. This is an outstanding achievement for Fumagalli – concluded the head of CIWF Food Business – and we congratulate them wholeheartedly for their commitment”.
Fumagalli is a virtuous example, a driving force for the whole cured meat sector in Italy, and this is reflected in the group’s figures: 55 million Euro turnover, 4 million kg of raw materials produced and processed every year within its supply chain, 67% of production exported to over 20 countries, including Scandinavia and the UK, two markets which are particularly conscious of the animal welfare issue.