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The Giant Shoprite Holdings Ltd opens its first store in Kenya


  After the collapse of the two local supermarket chains in Kenya, The biggest supermarket chain in Africa  Shoprite Holdings Ltd took the opportunity to find a foothold in Kenya’s retail industry.

  The new location is a store that was occupation previously by Nakumatt Holdings Ltd which is having some crisis lately, The store started delivering its services on Thursday 13th Dec in Nairobi.

    Shoprite store found itself obliged to face the French-based giant retailer and come up with new strategies to ensure the capability to fulfil the customers’ needs with the best prices.

Gerhard Fritz, Shoprite’s head of operations outside South Africa said:

“Due to the aggressive expansion of Carrefour there are no cheap sites left behind with the demise of Nakumatt and Uchumi. We have declined some sites as we feel rentals are too high. Landlords are having a field day playing each off against each other.”

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