The future of the supermarket

The future of the supermarket
Grocery retailers are evolving the in-store experience in a bid to give a similarly efficient offer as the interactive, intuitive and immersive experience they provide online. So how can retailers ensure they’re giving a responsive service in store whilst running the lean operation needed to stay competitive?
To run a smart in-store environment and achieve good productivity levels, managers need to be able to communicate quickly and effectively with their Store Associates. Using a wireless headset system that connects all members of staff, as a single team, enables managers to efficiently direct operations. With this approach, staff work smarter, communicate quicker and vastly reduce the time they spend walking about between their daily tasks.
Supermarket click & collect is a growth phenomenon with 24% of shoppers using the service routinely. Coordinating the collection process presents execution challenges. But the introduction of simple dedicated drive thru collection points that use an arrival screen and speaker post to announce the customers arrival, and headset wearing staff in-store ready to extrapolate the order, leads to a far smoother and efficient collection experience for the customer. The concept is well developed in Europe and finding its way to the UK as a means of regularising a system that been tried and tested in the fast-food market for years.
With grocery sales continuing to grow in the UK, increasing by 2.5% compared to this time last year, the introduction of these technologies is now vital to grocery retailers, empowering Store Associates to connect and work together to realise the retail vision of the future.
Tom Downes, CEO, Quail Digital