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The Future Food Market opens in Italy

The supermarket of the future has opened its doors in Bicocca Village shopping center in Italy. The Future Food Market, was inaugurated on December 6 in Bicocca under the banner of Coop Italy . It is a supermarket by the strong technological imprint, with interactive screens that show the production chain of the various ingredients.

The project, which was presented by Carlo Ratti, an architect at MIT guide, on the occasion of Expo 2015, has now become reality. The goal is to revolutionize the customer experience in the retail sale of food, ensuring transparency and free trade between producers and consumers.

The supermarket is spread over 900 square meters, and has a range marked a cool, take away, to meet the needs of many college students who are in the area. The location is also convenient for the presence of cinema and gym. The intent is to reach 2000 customers a day.

The biggest difference compared to a “traditional” supermarket is the presence of large and elegant mirror monitor, dubbed by Coop “digital sails.” These screens show customers all there is to know about a particular product: its origin, nutritional values, the possible presence of allergenic ingredients, instructions for disposal, related products and promotions. According to Carlo Ratti, “each product has a story to tell”, and in the future this story supermarket is precisely makes accessible to all.

The system was fully realized with the Windows technology: the Kinect sensor, the same video game for the Xbox, are here applied in a business solution. These sensors detect the movements of customers and identify the product they are going to choose. In addition to displays, the Coop has added a series of vertical shelves with touch monitor, again to facilitate the choice of a product, displaying the label. Including monitors and virtual totem, there is a total of 100 interactive monitors in supermarket of the future. In short, this is an ambitious project that combines advanced technology to food sales.

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