The fourth fuel cut price in a raw !! Asda followed by Morrison’s

Just in time, Asda has announced that there will be another fuel cut before Christmas, and other retailers have no choice but to play the game.

Starting from Saturday, December 8th, Drivers will benefit from a 2p cut on fuel at Asda’s stations to be 114.7p per litre on unleaded and 125.7p per litre on diesel.
Dave Tyrer, Asda’s senior fuel buyer said:  “Motorists filling up at Asda will pay no more than 114.7ppl on unleaded and 125.7ppl on diesel. With only a few weeks until Christmas, we’re pleased we can do our bit to make our customers’ hard-earned cash go a little further.”

Morrisons have launched recently a special offer to those who buy more than £50 at its store to have a voucher allows customers to have a 10p cut on their fuel fillings.