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The FLNC claims attacks in Corsica against supermarkets


The National Liberation Front of Corsica claimed Thursday September attacks that targeted the retail stores of the island in the night from Sunday to Monday, two months after a split in the underground movement and five months after the first “Blue Night”.

The armed underground organization said in a statement given to authenticated information Corsica magazine that this series of actions against retail “is in line with the social and labor struggles (…) face of multiple relays French colonialism in Corsica. ”

On the night of Sunday to Monday, five stores Leclerc, Geant Casino, and Decathlon have been targeted and Corsica Ajaccio.

The FLNC, which has already denounced the mass distribution in December 2011, has justified the attacks by the prices “that have never been higher in Corsica,” speaking “without measure increases with the needs of the tourist season “.

“The Corsican people not designed to withstand excessive appetites major shareholders of the supermarket,” according to the illegals.

The FLNC has also ordered these brands “significantly lower prices (…) before December 2012” and emphasize “maximum products from the Corsican economy.”

Also denounced the illegal “low salaries made by these brands” and “hiring from outside.” They reiterated their opposition to “any new implementation of large area” at the expense “of local business corse”.

Since the beginning of the year, FLNC claimed twenty attacks in May against second homes in various parts of the island and the bombing in July Balistra (Corse-du-Sud) a residential complex side belonging to the Parisian banker, Alain Lefebvre, accused of trying to make real estate speculation.

Recent attacks against supermarkets came just days after the announcement of a split within the party independence Corsica Libera, training Rinnovu U Naziunali, left wing of the party, including disagreement on the management of the party executive who decided to separate.

The news Thursday was not issued by a new faction of underground organization created last July and which bears the same name, according to a source close. This new FLNC explained at a press conference illegal, wanting to give “a word plural and structuring the National Liberation Front of Corsica.”

In a statement, he also accused the supermarkets and “financial groups” such as “Veolia, Suez, Total, Bouygues” to “monopolize entire sectors of the economy” distributing “a few obols a few guards.”

The establishment of large areas is a sensitive issue in Corsica, French region which has the largest number of supermarkets in relation to its population, 306,000 inhabitants.

Artisans and local merchants also complained of too great presence. Recently, the construction of retail space on the outskirts of Ajaccio was canceled under pressure from public opinion

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