The Casino Group has completed the sale of 26 hypermarkets

Following the agreements signed with funds managed by Fortress Investment Group in
January 2019, the Casino Group announces that it has completed the sale of 13 Géant
Casino, 3 Hyper Casino and 10 Supermarkets Casino properties, valued at €501 million.
In this context, Casino received €392 million, thus achieving the initial target of €1.5 billion
in non-strategic asset disposals, set on 11 June 2018.
The Casino Group also remains associated to the value creation of this transaction
through a stake in the company incorporated by funds managed by Fortress Investment
Group. In this context and depending on the company’s performance, the Casino Group
could receive up to an additional €150 million in the next few years.
After the success of this first step, the Group will continue to explore measures to further
reduce its debt.
It will also continue to improve the Group’s profitability and strengthen its financial profile.