The “Big-Four” lose their share to Aldi and Lidl and Co-op

 The German-based retailer Aldi and Lidl besides the Co-op have proven during this holiday season their take-over for the market-share and finishing the round with great results.

  The “Big-Four” lost their shares by 0.6p.p for Tesco which seem to be the biggest loser followed by Sainsbury’s which bounced back by 0.4p.p and then Morrison’s which also lost their share by 0.1p.p and finally Asda which seem to be the only one among the “Big-Four” that kept its share before the end of this year.

On the other hand there are those retailers who took the opportunity to raise their share before the end of 2018, we have Co-Op which took a step forward by +0.2 p.p and Lidl which took +0.5 p.p of the market share and finally the giant Aldi that could possess +0.7 p.p.

   Experts believe that these results were expected due to the participation of each retailer and taking part of events, especially during the holiday season.

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