On October 19-23 the global food world will be meeting in Paris. With 6,000 exhibitors from 100 different countries and more than 150,000 visitors expected, SIAL is ready for what is set to be the biggest year for the exhibition to date. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, SIAL is offering a multitude of activities to explore the various trends and innovations in today’s global food trade industry.
This year at the exhibition there will be World Tour by SIAL, a window into the global food market. Coordinated by SIAL and 28 journalists from across the world, World Tour by SIAL will share their views and analyses of the trade with the objective to shed light on the major retail and consumption trends which are shaping different local markets. One of the main highlights of World Tour by SIAL will be the Amazon Fresh phenomenon; a concept which is set to revolutionise the food trade, currently held in only three locations in the USA.
SIAL will also host a series of trend tours for restaurants and retail:
o Wednesday, 22 October: special tour around Paris showing the most innovative restaurant concepts in the city. An experienced SIAL guide will lead participants around Paris to discover some of the coolest trends transforming restaurants.
o Friday, 24 October: guided tour of the most innovative concepts in the best French retailers. This will be an opportunity to explore the latest, most creative concepts in terms of customer service, marketing, layout and merchandising.
o Friday, 24 October: SIAL will partner with Thoughts for Food for visits to Parisian food merchants and product tastings to discover unique French culinary trends. The tour is aimed to address topics such as the ‘secret’ of French cuisine, ‘Made in France’ brands and the emergence of healthy fast food.
o Monday, 20 October: SIAL will host a Light and Sound show with fireworks to mark the 50th anniversary of the exhibition. Open to all exhibitors and visitors, the evening will bring everyone together to celebrate this exceptional jubilee.
“SIAL Paris has fostered business opportunities for the food professions, for fifty years. The exhibition is regarded as a genuine business tool showcasing the entrepreneurship alive in the global industry, a unique networking space and a true repository for global innovation. As an instant trading platform, in these times of crisis, SIAL Paris is increasingly an effective means to develop business,” states Nicolas Trentesaux, SIAL Group Director.