The British supermarket group Tesco announced Monday the elimination of 4,500 jobs in 153 stores in the United Kingdom.

As the company explained in a statement, published on its website, this measure is included in some “operational changes” that “will simplify and reduce” administrative tasks in Tesco supermarkets.

“Our priority now is to support the affected workers and try to help them find alternative roles in Tesco as quickly as possible,” he said in the note.

The changes that will affect supermarkets include a “faster and simpler” way to fill the shelves, with fewer accumulated products and more that arrive directly from the warehouse.

Also, according to the company, employees can “work more flexibly” in the store to “improve customer service” during the busiest hours.

These changes are caused because, as Tesco pointed out, supermarkets were designed for large purchases and, at this time, 70% of customers use stores for same-day purchases.

In addition, the group has announced changes in 134 of 1,750 Tesco Express supermarkets, in which opening hours will be reduced.

“We have to continue reviewing the way we run our stores to make sure we know how customers buy and the most efficient way to adapt to it,” said Jason Tarry, CEO of Tesco in the United Kingdom.

“We don’t make decisions that impact our workers lightly, but we have to make sure that we are relevant to our customers and that we run a sustainable business now and in the future,” he concluded. EFE

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