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Tesco starts selling English strawberries early this year


The biggest English supermarket Tesco has put the first English strawberries on the rack for this year on March 2. This listing came four days earlier than last year, and two days earlier than Waitrose.  Despite the recent cold snap, this listing comes four days earlier than last year, and two days ahead of Waitrose getting English strawberries on its shelves.

Tesco strawberry buyer Henry Maulik said: “There’s nothing quite so quintessentially English as the taste of sweet, soft and juicy home-grown strawberries to help banish the winter blues. We have worked with one of our long-standing growers to replicate the perfect growing conditions of strawberries at the height of the UK season to help customers enjoy Britain’s favourite fruit as early as possible.”

Tesco said the coup was made possible due to the mild winter and the early flowering of the variety called Fleurette. It also accounted the new state of the art production techniques for the early coming for this year. The strawberries were grown under glass near Faversham in Kent. The traditional British strawberry season ran from May to September, but in the last 15 years, has been lasting for up to nine months.

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