Tesco Sligo is still closed, and “Tesco had the opportunity to avoid that” Mandate Trade Union

The strike is still on as Tesco has announced earlier that Sligo store will open by today, but the Mandate Trade Union has a stronger word.

The UK’s biggest supermarket retailer Tesco had stated two days earlier that customers are now able to go back shopping in Sligo store and stated also that the Mandate Trade Union is preventing workers from getting back to their positions.
Tesco Also said that workers should have the chance to vote about ending the strike.

On 13/12/2018 The Mandate Trade Union twitted that they are adding two more days of industrial action: 
“Mandate Trade Union has notified Tesco Ireland of two more days of industrial action before Christmas including Friday, 21st December and Saturday, 22nd December 2018.” 

“Our members do not want to be on strike. No worker does”

Mandate General Secretary John Douglas said: “Our members do not want to be on strike. No worker does. But when a major multinational and highly profitable retailer is constantly undermining your working conditions and your right to be represented by your trade union, you are not left with many options.”

Some customers have shown their support and stood for hours and also walked with flyers as a sort of support.