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Tesco sales rise by 1.3 percent, thanks to change in marketing strategy



Tesco sales rise 1.3% over the Holiday period, thanks to changes incorporated in marketing strategy for the supermarket chain facing severe rivalry from the German discounters. Tesco CEO Dave Lewis said the supermarket has hailed a solid Christmas after its UK sales rose 1.3% on a like-for-like basis in the six weeks ending 9 January.

He included that the better Christmas was because of lower costs and more staff in stores. Sales in the UK’s largest general store bounced more than 7%.  Having said, Tesco reported a 1.5% fall in deals for the 13 weeks finishing 28 November subsequent to scrapping its “£5 off £40” promotion held in 2014.

Mr Lewis said in an announcement that their Christmas trade was solid, yet plenty more to do. He however said the company is gaining ground and expected to make more profit this year. Tesco shares hopped very nearly 5% to 166p, after latest trading update.

Tesco credits its better sales to the changes made in the company’s marketing and advertisement strategy with adding more humor and pop culture references during the holiday campaign. Apart from this, other three major reasons hailed for its better doing were competitive price, a compelling customer offer and outstanding commitment of Tesco colleagues, according to Mr. Lewis.

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