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Tesco raises the prices of many items

TESCO has raised the price for more than 1,000 products in two weeks, including kitchen staples such as bananas, cheese, pasta and rice.

The price increases were disclosed in an internal document of the Press Association, which shows that the supermarket increased prices on average by 11 percent in the first half of July.

A five-pack of bananas rose 11 percent from 90 pence to £ 1, while the Farfalle, Macaroni and Linguine branded pasta increased 30 percent from 50 pence per pack to 65 pence. Seedless strawberry jam increases by 23 percent to 92 pence and iceberg lettuce by 17 percent to 60 pence.

The highest price increase was recorded by Merchant Gourmet Puy Linsens, which rose from £ 1.42 to £ 3.60 per pack – an increase of 152 percent.

Industry experts said prices would rise and fall across the industry, but the size and scale of recent Tesco increases are remarkably high. Supermarkets usually move up the prices of branded products as the promotions come to an end, but private label prices for food and beverages tend to be more stable. Of the 50 most expensive climbs in the supermarket, 18 were private label products.

Among the highest-growth, branded products are Cathedral City Mild Cheddar (57 percent at £ 5.50 for 550 g) and a box of 20 bottles of Carlsberg stock (33 percent from £ 9 to £ 12).

Posh Choc’s Ferrero Rocher has risen from £ 1 to £ 1.25, and a 5kg sack of Salaam Basmati rice now costs £ 9, compared to £ 7 previously – an increase of 29%.

The data that grocers internally use to monitor the industry has been provided by Brand View.

According to Tesco, the increases were due to the cost pressure that hit the market as a whole, although it was promised that competition with discounters such as Aldi and Lidl would have top priority.


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