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Tesco opens doors at Salford as regeneration scheme gathers pace


Tesco has opened a new Extra store at Salford as the regeneration of the city centre gathers pace.

The new Extra store, which is adjacent to the Salford Shopping Centre, forms a crucial part of the new retail led-regeneration scheme being delivered in the city centre. Tesco is working in partnership with Salford Estates, owner of Salford Shopping City, and Salford City Council to help transform the public realm and create a more attractive destination for shoppers.

In November Pendleton Way, a four lane road between the new Tesco store and the existing shopping centre, was closed enabling the whole area to be pedestrianized. A 250m stretch of the road will be transformed into green spaces, public seating areas and a central main square featuring public art. Meanwhile, Salford Estates has pledged to extend the shopping centre, adding up to 13 new retail units.

As well as the new public space, the store will provide 740 free parking spaces that will allow three hours free parking, allowing shoppers plenty of time to visit the shopping centre.

Doug Wilson, Corporate Affairs Manager at Tesco, said:

“The opening of the store marks an important milestone in the regeneration of Salford. We are proud that our investment will serve as a catalyst for the regeneration of Salford city centre, and are committed to working with Salford Estates and Salford City Council moving forward to ensure it is a popular destination for shoppers.”

The new Tesco store will create 250 new jobs, of which 51 will be given to long term unemployed local residents. The Regeneration Partnership scheme recently helped the 5,000th person back into employment.

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