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Tesco launches wonky veg box


English supermarkets are following the Asda way of dealing food waste. After Asda and Waitrose, now it is the turn of the biggest UK supermarket chain, Tesco to roll out its own brand of wonky veg boxes. The supermarket has confirmed that it would introduce deformed fruits and vegetables, from parsnips to potatoes, in its 200 stores crosswise the country starting this week. This would be as a part of the Perfectly Imperfect initiative from the  supermarket.

The Perfectly Imperfect initiative comes days after the announcement that the company was committed to ZERO food wastage in its supermarkets across the country by the end of next year. In addition, the supermarket giant  said it will be offering 15  more types of wonky fruits and vegetables which includes apples and carrots. Tesco also said that it would be donating surplus food to local  charities and groups. This is expected to benefit 5,000  local charities in the country. In a recently released study figures, it was revealed that around 55,400 tonnes of food were thrown away at Tesco stores and distribution centres in the country last year.

It is understood Tesco will follow up the offering with additional 15 types of wonky produce, including carrots and apples. Bosses confirmed the store would be donating surplus food to 5,000 local charities and groups, after their latest figures revealed 55,400 tonnes of food were thrown away at Tesco stores and distribution centres in the country last year. Of these it is estimated that at least 30,000 tonne of this  wasted food could have been eaten.

Walmart owned Engish supermarket chain Asda introduced its wonky veg box last month in its 128 stores across the country, which went to become a huge success.  Asda’s wonk veg box costed 30 percent less than usual fruit and vegetables. Asda’s new product promises to include potatoes, carrots and cucumbers, peppers, cabbages, onions, leeks and parsnips. The aim of the product – which will cost just £3.50 – is to tackle food waste caused by mass rejection of “ugly” vegetables.


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