Tesco launches scholarships for dairy farmers of the future

Tesco will target the dairy farmers of the future as part of a new scholarship programme open to members of its pioneering Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group, the retailer announced today.

The scholarship programme will see TSDG farmers or their family members being offered the chance to study elements of dairy farming such as animal welfare, animal fertility and sustainability.

After carrying out their studies, beneficiaries of the programme will aim to promote new innovations and ideas throughout the TSDG. The TSDG was set up in 2007 to help support struggling dairy farmers and has grown to include over 700 farmers across the UK.

The programme was launched today at the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group Annual Conference with the process of finding worthy winners due to conclude early next year.

Dame Lucy Neville Rolfe, Executive Director of Corporate and Legal Affairs at Tesco said: “Through the TSDG we’ve been able to support hundreds of dairy farmers across the UK in what have been some uncertain times for the industry as a whole, so we’re delighted to be able to offer the chance of a TSDG scholarship programme to our members.

“As an international retailer, we know from experience how useful it can be to find ways of exchanging good practice around the world.

“Whether it’s travelling to New Zealand to oversee dairy farming practices in a different country or attending the International Dairy Farming conference next year, the programme offers a great opportunity for TSDG farmers and the farmers of the future the chance to experience new ideas and report back to the TSDG with their findings.”

Beneficiaries of the programme will also be given the opportunity to visit the Tesco Dairy Centre of Excellence at Liverpool University to discuss their plans and obtain advice and support from members of the dedicated team.

Andy Bloor, Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group Chairman said: “I’m really pleased that after developing a ‘next generation’ group within the Tesco Sustainable Dairy Group, TSDG farmers and the farmers of the future will be given the opportunity to take part in this new scholarship programme. Tesco has shown a real commitment to the TSDG, so being able to share new ideas and innovations will ensure the group continues to be a leader in its field.”

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