Tesco launches British Rose veal

Tesco has announced the launch of fresh Rose veal on its meat counters after working with pig farmer and presenter, Jimmy Doherty on ideas to re-introduce the meat into British supermarkets.

The retailer will be stocking three cuts of succulent and flavoursome Rose veal – a  joint, sirloin and rump, which can then be cut into steaks, escalopes or roasting joints by Tesco’s expert butchers  to suit customers’ needs.

Tesco introduced a Brookfield Farm-branded High Welfare Veal range in its stores earlier this year with products including meatballs, stir fry, escalopes and roasting joints. The range has proved to be extremely popular with customers and Tesco plans to roll out the products in more stores next year.

Sean McCurley, Director of Counter foods at Tesco said: “I’m delighted we’ll now be offering our customers British Rose Veal on our meat counters.

“We know how important good quality British meat is to our customers, so we’ve been working hard to refresh our products and offer something different. Our expert butchers will be on hand to help customers with tips on how to prepare Rose Veal and if it proves as popular as our branded high welfare veal range, we will look to extend it further in the New Year.”

Jimmy Doherty said: “When I first started this project, I was shocked by the needless waste of young calves in the dairy industry, so it’s good to see the country’s biggest supermarket doing something about it. There is still more to do but this is the first step in introducing a new generation of people to British veal.”

Since the 1980’s, demand for British veal has been low and as a result, many dairy farmers have no option but to slaughter their male calves shortly after birth. The retailer hopes the new products will help prevent the waste of male calves across the British dairy industry.

The Rose veal range is produced on British farms according to Tesco’s own high welfare standards which are independently audited. The calves are bedded on straw and reared in open barns on a diet of milk and cereal.

Tesco’s Brookfield Farm High Welfare Veal range is produced to RSPCA Freedom Food standards.

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