Tesco introduces exclusive parking space for lady drivers

Tesco Thailand has introduced pink parking spaces exclusively for women customers. The pink signposted parking spaces are reportedly designed for women drivers who took more time to park their vehicles. These dedicated parking zones are marked close to store entrance making it easier for shoppers to effortlessly commute.

Tesco is not the first supermarket in the country to introduce dedicated parking spots for women drivers. Many major retailers have introduced lady parking zones.  But Tesco’s pink parking spaces have come under criticism as many shoppers believe that these lady parking zones could be dangerous as they could be attacked while unloading groceries.

Tesco officials said that the parking bays are positioned close to the entrance to ensure the safety of shoppers who travel alone. The stores will also have special parking areas for disabled and women traveling with children.

Frankfurt Airport also had introduced similar women-only parking spots during last year. The airport authorities claimed these parking areas to be specially designed and easy to find with special color code.