Tesco Clubcard Changes Negated By Customers

After receiving strong negation from customers, certainly, objecting that the value of the clubcard reduced without any prior information. Tesco has decided to delay changes to it’s clubcard. United Kingdom’s largest retailer has announced that introduction of the changes would be postponed until June.
Tesco relieved it’s customer’s by assuring them that the changes that had to come into effect by January 2018 will be revised and made more straightforward. They also mentioned that the royalty cards would be reissued offering three times the value of their voucher’s and there will be about a hundred commercial partner’s offering redemption.
The retailer also mentioned that offers with twice and four times the value would come to an end that would also include the most popular deals till mow. However, customer’s criticised as they felt that they would gain less form their points. Tesco stated that any customer redeeming voucher’s three times the value would not loose out on anything and can contact customer care.
Tesco revealed having sixteen million active clubcard customer’s. However, experts indicate that there can be no excuse of making overnight changes in the value of clubcards that too when the idea was to encourage people to save on them with a two year expiry date.
It is felt that Tesco misunderstood people’s expectations as the most loyal customer’s felt the hardest hit.