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Tesco assures that Sligo’s store will remain open as workers strike


  Tesco declares that its Sligo store will remain open even when the staff go on strike again, and expected the strike at this very sensitive time of Christmas period as a disturb to the sales operation.

  According to the Mandate Trade Union, The Tesco workers are also scheduled to strike tomorrow, Friday, 14th December with Carrick-on-Shannon workers also striking on the 22ndDecember

   Mandate General Secretary John Douglas said it is regrettable that the Tesco workers have been forced to escalate their dispute, but the company bears sole responsibility for this

      Our members do not want to be on strike. No worker does,” said Mr Douglas. “But when a major multinational and highly profitable retailer is constantly undermining your working conditions and your right to be represented by your trade union, you are not left with many options. You can either roll over and take it, or you can fight back and I commend the Sligo and Carrick-on-Shannon workers for choosing to fight back.”

Tesco Ireland said in response: “The only organisation in this dispute not following process is Mandate.

“We would like to assure our customers that our store in Sligo will remain open tomorrow despite another unwarranted one-day strike by the trade union Mandate.

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