Tesco accused of overcharging shoppers

Supermarket chain Tesco is criticized for overcharging shoppers by placing promotion signs in its stores for expired deals. BBC’s Inside Out Programme revealed that more than 33 out of the 50 stores its secret shopper visited over a three month period were found to overcharge shoppers by expired deals. Around two third of Tesco customers were fooled by the supermarket by placing expired promotion signs on the shelf. These discounts were declined at the counter because they were out of date.

Tesco has assured to look into the matter after furious shoppers have started criticizing the supermarket on social media. Tesco, the largest supermarket in the UK with over 3500 stores has an existing refund policy known as “double the difference”, through which anyone who has been overcharged at the counter can get a refund. Through this programme customers could receive back double the amount they were overcharged. Any customer who pointed out the discrepancy in the bill was offered the refunds, the secret shopper revealed.

Martin Fisher, from the Chartered Trading Standards Institute told the BBC Inside Out programme which airs tonight on BBC One: “If customer A has come back and complained and been refunded that doesn’t mean there weren’t 20 other customers who didn’t spot it and didn’t complain.”