Tesco About To Leave A Number Of People Unemployed

United Kingdoms largest chain of supermarket Tesco decides to take a harsh step of eliminating a complete management team from stores resulting in risking of thousands of jobs. Tesco reveals that people who manage recruitment and other customer matter’s, people responsible for health and safety would be removed and no more be a part of Tesco.

Responsibilities of these thousands of employees would be handled by nine hundred new roles that would be introduced. This step is an integral part to reduce the cost base of Tesco. Also the supermarket has closed its Cardiff Call Centre in the beginning of the month.

Tesco states that the upcoming changes would reduce the difficulties and help in the delivery of simple and helpful experiences for its employees and customers. They have already realised the impact of these changes but these changes are important for business growth.

Tesco would retain its maximum employees to take up jobs in the new roles and fill in vacancies that are currently available. Costs of living are continuously rising and the national living wages per hour would also rise by April. The rates of business have changed drastically and charges levied on imports & exports have also added to the cost.

Sainsbury’s and Asda have also cut jobs as all the big grocers try to keep costs down.