Teetotaler pays record breaking amount of US $ 31,650 for 1789 cognac
Although Bay van der Bunt’s world’s largest collection of old liquors is up for sale, he is not giving up collecting just yet . The 64-year-old collector, who oddly doesn’t drink the precious elixirs himself, paid the record breaking amount of US $31,650 at a Swiss auction for a bottle of 1789 cognac, the year of the French revolution and the inauguration of George Washington as the 1st President of the United States.
The historic spirits gathering of the Dutch teetotaler holds over 5,000 bottled liquors to include 250 years old cognac, whisky, armagnac, port, madeira and rare liqueurs. He is willing to part from his collection for the sum of $ 12.8 million (US). This is including his latest purchase of the cognac Saulnier Frères, Réserve de Saint Amant de Graves,  Grande Fine Champagne from vintage 1789, which was hammered of for the highest amount to date for a bottle of this type.
“Until the entire collection is sold, I will keep attending worldwide auctions like Christie’s and Sotheby’s. Collecting is something I have grown up with,” says Bay, who for over 10 years has shared his passion with the world through his website www.oldliquors.com.
He’s hoping for a collector who shares his passion to take over the entire collection, which contains many bottles of the last remaining in the world, which makes them very unique objects to have.
Otherwise, the rare spirits may find their way to connoisseurs, exclusive restaurants and hotels or even royalty through selected channels.
“Collecting cognacs and old liquors was very time consuming and cost a fortune,  but it proves to be the best financial investment I have ever made,” admitted Bay.

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