Tech community rallying behind Apple in FBI Case


The whole silicon valley including Google, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter will back Apple with Legal Filing in FBI case. The tech community is rallying behind Apple in its increasingly controversial dispute with the US government around the iPhone connected with the San Bernardino terror attacks. Brad Smith, Microsoft’s legal chief declared that the company plans to file an amicus brief next week providing assistance to Apple’s opposition to helping the FBI hack the phone.

Google was the first tech giant to publicly raise support for Apple when the case broke last week. Interesting the search engine company controls Android, the world’s most popular mobile operating system and the biggest rival of iphone. Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the government demands set a “troubling precedent.” Both Twitter and Facebook are also expected to throw their legal support behind Apple next week, according to sources. So it appears that numerous tech companies will file one amicus brief together instead of numerous individual briefs.

Meanwhile, Apple has filed documents in court asking a judge to throw out the order that demanded Apple to assist Federal Bureau of Investigation to get past the iphone’s encryption. Apple has asked its tech peers to stand behind the organisation.