TCS launches two retail softwares


India’s biggest IT service exporter TCS announced the launch of two retail software’s Optumera Digital Merchandizing Suite and OmniStore on Monday. TCS said that Optumera is a computational intelligence platform for retailers, while OmniStore is a unified store commerce platform.

Optumera Digital Merchandising Suite influences the force of Big Data analytics, examining heterogeneous data sources with advanced machine learning algorithams, the company said in a statement. It also states that the platform offers retailers to localize and optimize store spaces and deliver a shopper centric retailing, and respond real times to competitor pricing strategies and automate planogram consistence through picture processing.

On the other hand Optumera, utilizes stochastic optimization algorithms on a high performance computing platform for prescriptive examination that offer vendors to foresee the conceivable result, based on different options of action to de-risk their investment and model client behavior.

Pratik Pal, President of Retail and CPG, TCS said that they were focused on developing software solutions to help retailers innovative and differentiate. Omnistore is a competitive alternative for traditional POS, which built on micro service architecture, enables omni-channel client ventures in stores, he said.