TCHO Chocolate Factory Tours Are Back!

TCHO Chocolate (pronounced “cho”), the award-winning San Francisco Bay Area chocolate maker, has announced the re-launch of tours at their East Bay chocolate factory.  Starting in November 2017, tours will be open to the public (by appointment only) at their Berkeley production facility. The company will initially conduct eight tours per week and says that signing up is quick and easy on their website ( TCHO’s offerings range from single-origin dark chocolates to innovative flavored bars (ie. mint chip gelato!), to a full line of chocolates specifically designed for home and professional chefs.

During the chocolate factory tour, guests will enjoy an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at TCHO’s chocolate making process, learn about their pioneering work with cacao farmers, and taste through a flight of various chocolates. With the mission to innovate in the world of chocolate, TCHO began making craft chocolate in San Francisco in 2007. TCHO’s sourcing program pioneered the implementation of 10 bean-to-bar laboratories in cacao-growing communities and cacao research stations around the world. This innovation has allowed many cacao farmers and scientists to taste chocolate made from their own beans (in most cases for the first time!), helping them understand how their work affects flavor, ultimately leading to dramatic quality improvements.

“Many of our fans have been excited to know when TCHO’s tours and tastings will start up again at our new factory. It’s the number one question we get. We are all thrilled to announce we will be starting the factory tours at our new space in Berkeley in November,” says Brad Kintzer, Chief Chocolate Maker at TCHO. At the end of each tasting, the TCHO factory store will be open for business, and is expected to offer a number of items exclusive to the factory store.