The sweet and salty fries have come with two types of chocolate sauce – Milk and white costs $2.77.

Taste of harmony, McDonald to launch a new menu item in Japan; french fries with Chocolate Sauce


McDonaldThe American Fast food chain McDonald introduces new menu item in Japan this week: crispy french fries with chocolate sauce.  Naming McChoco, McDonald hopes that the new taste will overturn its drooping fortunes in Japan. The sweet and salty fries have come with two types of chocolate sauce – Milk and white costs $2.77. For a medium sizes portion of the regular version costs 270 yen.  The salt and sweet potato combination creates a wonderful harmonious taste and customers will find McChoco potatoes are enjoyable for different occasions-company said in a statement.

While McDonald’s accounted for a 5.7% increase in US in the last three months of 2015, as well as plans to open another 60 stores in Russia this year, its Japanese deals have been hit by a lot of food scandals and supply issues.

In late 2014, the firm was compelled to limit offers of fries after a strike at US ports influenced shipments of thousands of tones of the chain’s staple backup to a burger to Japan.  Same year Chinese officials closed down the firm’s poultry supplier amid accusations that they intentionally mixed up fresh chicken with expired products. Last year a customer found human tooth like plastic product in Chicken nuggets and french fries from a McDonald show room in Japan.

McDonald’s Japan, which has more than 3,000 stores, reported a gathering net loss of ¥29 billion for the initial nine months of 2015. It was required to endure a ¥38 billion ($318 million) net misfortune for the entire year, with deals estimate to drop 10%. A year ago, the firm said it would shut in regard to 130 stores in Japan and restore 2,000 others in the following four years.

Recently a Japanese newspaper reported that the fast food chain had reached out to investors about selling a part of its stakes in its Japan business for 100 billion yen.