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Take Control of Food Safety with Checkit

Take Control of Food Safety with Checkit 

Checkit is a smart, straightforward technology system specifically created for the food sector – to deliver a complete and accurate picture of food safety throughout a business.

HACCP compliance and food safety is vital to any food business – whether manufacturing, retail or foodservice. There are procedures that must be put in place to ensure food traceability – to protect consumers and safeguard company reputations.

Checkit provides an approach that is easy to set-up and use. It removes the need for challenging and laborious pen and paper systems that are open to errors and inaccuracies. Hand-held checking devices require simple button pressing that transfer records immediately to a dedicated monitor and other devices such as a smartphone, tablet or PC. The supporting hot and cold storage monitoring ‘pebbles’ have been devised to automatically check temperature, 24 hours a day.

New for 2014, is the additional capability of cloud storage for added security and to facilitate multi-site monitoring – making the records accessible whenever and wherever the data is required. The latest product can be fully customisable to fit in with existing technology systems, so that data can be easily transferred and analysed.

Multi or Single Site Use

Checkit is suitable for single-site businesses or multi-site operations and is simple and cost effective to implement. The records the system provides are clear and easy to understand, with instant live alerts sent out via email or text, allowing immediate response to any issues that arise.

Dr. Martin Nash, Product Line Manager at Checkit, explains; “Checkit provides a complete HACCP solution, making day to day food checking quick and easy; increasing profitability and reducing waste. Whatever the size of your operation, Checkit puts you in control – protecting product quality and brand reputation. The additional cloud storage element in the latest version, adds a new dimension of flexibility and scalability.”

Malcolm Kane JP MSt. BSc. MIFST, a leading food safety expert and Director of Cambridge Food Control Ltd, comments; “Checkit is deceptively high tech; it is simple to install, use and produces reliable results. The system provides each food business with ready access to specifically relevant Due Diligence data as evidence of compliance with food hygiene and food safety requirements, both remotely and at each business location. Every Law Enforcement Officer such as an EHO cannot fail to be impressed with the immediate availability of HACCP compliant Due Diligence evidence, which can be printed out on request as required.”

Accountability and traceability are vital for any food company and Checkit easily integrates into your operational processes to deliver both of these. Whatever the size of business, Checkit helps make sure that food is safe – and that there are records to prove it.

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