Systeme U group

Systeme U is one of the French leading retail companies.

The Systeme U cooperative is organised around four regions generating, in 2008, euros 17.92 billions sales with a 7% growth.

Systeme U operates a network of 900 multi format stores in France and Mauritius, for a total sale surface of 1.809.495 square meters and employs more than 60 000 people.

Our commitments

For Systeme U values such as being close to their customers, discount and professionalism are essential.

And we are proud to be, for the last 9 years, the French favourite supermarket retail chain:
– 1st for the quality, choice, innovation and private label range
– 1st for Consumer relationship
– 1st for our communication
– 1st for our values
– 1st for the quality and the convenience of the shopping experience

Our brands

Our 8 brands with more than 4300 food products are entirely committed to deliver everyday the highest quality standards and still being parts of the cheapest private labels in France.

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