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Swipe your phone at Tesco checkouts; supermarket adds new payment feature

Britian’s largest supermarket Tesco offers up to £20 worth of Clubcard points for shoppers who use smartphones to pay their shopping bills. The new payment feature works like Apple Pay, where one would have to swipe his smartphone at the checkout.

Customers who pay through their smartphones will have to sign up for the free PayQwiq app. Once the free app is downloaded and connected to payment cards and club cards, all you need to do is to swipe your smartphone at the till. The app is available on both IOS and android platforms. The credit, debit and club card details are stored in the phone, which allows points to be automatically added to your Tesco account when you shop.

To start with, Tesco would provide 50 free free Clubcard points for those who sign up for the app. This could be used for the first ten times when one pay through smartphones. 500 points, equivalent to £5 can be spent in the store and can trade it up to four times on the Tesco Boost website. Shoppers can earn the free points until May 7.

Mark Loch, from Tesco, said: “PayQwiq offers customers a simple, convenient and secure way to pay that helps them save time at the checkout and collect Clubcard points with one simple scan of their smartphone. “Since the initial roll-out of PayQwiq, customer feedback has been very positive and we are delighted to make PayQwiq available to all Tesco customers across the UK.”

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